Learn With Word Forest has been created by environmental charity, Word Forest .
Our environmentally based educational content and courses are aimed at everyone and anyone! We consider ourselves inclusive, in all aspects, as an organisation and we hope our learning content reflects this. Learn With Word Forest has a huge remit: to help people the world over become better environmentalists, one lesson at a time. We recognise how hard it is to keep a finger on the pulse of fast-moving topics like sustainability. So, whether you consider yourself young or just young at heart; new to learning about the environment and climate change or an environmental activist; want to learn in depth about a particular topic or get a broader general understanding - there will be a course for you.

Our course creators are all experienced writers from academic backgrounds in education, teaching, e-learning and curriculum design; biology, geography, environmental science and environmental engineering; and international development. We have created several bitesize courses, with longer more in-depth courses to come later in 2023. 

In the coming months, we’ll strive to offer a broad syllabus of learning modules to help you understand what’s happening to our planet as a result of global heating and climate change. We’ll shine a spotlight on the most effective actions we can all take in our homes, our educational spaces and businesses too. Our mission is sizeable but we’re not daunted by the task and nor should you be.

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